We are a small creative agency in Minho focused on the development of products that respond to the real needs of our customers. Our team was carefully chosen in order to give us the freedom to think in a simple, original and functional way, always looking for the most appropriate answers to the challenges proposed in each project.

We are committed to excellence. To ensure this, each solution is calculated and iterated for optimization. We strive for every line of code, every pixel, every method and every algorithm with your satisfaction as our primary goal. We are based on the belief that we are capable of creating solutions that are intuitive to use and eye-catching, without compromising their functionality and depth of information. We create unique products that provide captivating experiences, using the best technologies on the market. We put as much effort into front-end development as we do into user experience.

We are a small agency and we like to be that way. Regardless of the size of the project, we work directly with the client at every step, whether at the creation or development level. In this way, it is possible to resolve all doubts, study all possibilities and have a realistic feedback of what is intended, with the last word always being yours. After all, bigger is not always better.


Patricia Gomes

Patrícia Gomes


Marketing is the art of creating and delivering value to satisfy the needs and wants of a consumer market.
Products, services and ideas that may interest consumers are used, thus creating a feeling of desire and need for a particular product.


Ricardo Rouco

Founder & Senior Software Engineer

The pillar of the entire user experience is based on the creation of clean and structured code, as well as the implementation of a perfectionist UI/UX Design.
We are committed to excellence to reach a level of interaction that works in full and perfection!!
The visual representation that identifies your values, your business and your product is connoted by brand, in this sense we will implement excellence in all your values!


Francisco Cunha

Senior Software Engineer

All work is part of our lives!
With a simple and objective work culture, we always seek to create strong bonds with everyone who works with us.
We strive to always do our best, in a transparent, dedicated and true way. We cannot imagine it any other way. Innovation, respect, daring and excellence are the essences of our culture.



Design and implementation of your responsive web page for desktop, mobile and tablet, with customized solutions tailored to your desires and needs.


Planning, design and implementation of projects with a clean, appealing interface, simple and intuitive code.


Because brand identity is everything, we create your primary identity, name (naming), logo, slogan, packaging in order to create a unique visual identity.


70% of people use digital in order to search for the product they want! Keep up with this trend and meet with us to study your case.


Study and analysis of the possibility of implementing projects. Ask us how we can make your wish come true!



10:00 - 19:00 GMT


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