About us



About us

We are a small creative agency from northern Portugal focused on the development of products that address our clients’ real needs. Our team was carefully chosen to ensure we have the freedom to think in a simple, original and functional way, always looking for the most adequate solutions for the challenges that come with each project.

We strive for excellence. To make sure we rise to our level of expectation, each solution is calculated and iterated for optimisation. We commit to every line of code, every pixel, every method and every algorithm, with your satisfaction as our main goal. Our foundation is the belief that we are able to create solutions that are intuitive and aesthetically appealing, without compromising its’ functionality or depth of information. We create unique products, capable of providing captivating experiences, utilising top-notch technologies. We keep in mind every aspect of our products, devoting ourselves equally to both front-end development and user experience.

We are a small agency and we like being so. Regardless of the project’s dimension, we work directly with our clients every step of the way, whether we are dealing with the idealisation or development of the product. This way, we can clear any doubt, study every possibility and have realistic feedback of what is truly intended, and you always have the last word. After all, bigger is not always better.


Web Design

Design and implementation of your webpage, with custom solutions tailored to fit your needs and wishes


Study and analisys of project conception and implementation. Ask us how we can make your wish come true!


Because we know that a good idea has a profound impact when executed to perfection, we always practice the best.


uly comprehensive customer support, solving whatever question arises in the shortest timeframe possible.


We work in the most cutting edge programming languages to guarantee the optimal performance of your product.


Design and implementation of responsive webpages with clean, appealing interface, simple and intuitive coding.



Ricardo Rouco

The pillar of the users entire experience is based on the creation of a clean and structured code, as well as the implementation of a UI / UX Design perfectionist.
We are committed with excellence to achieve a level of interaction that works flawless !!
The visual representation that identifies your values, your business and your product is linked to your brand, implementing the excellence of all your´s values!

Cesar Rouco

All work is part of our lives!!
With a simple and objective work culture, we always seek to create strong bonds with everyone who works with us.
We strive to always do our best, in a transparent, dedicated and true way.   We can not imagine otherwise. Innovation, respect, daring and excellence are the essence of our culture

Curriculum Vitae

Curriculum Vitae


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